September 22, 2021

The virtual reality technology is here, and it’s usage is increasing each day. Last year alone more than one million VR headsets were sold. According to statistics in adult sites, the VR category has also climbed dramatically. An increase of more than 130% in just one year alone has been noted. It may explain why virtual reality porn videos are so sought after by people. And why so many are watching VR porn on them. Additionally, the amount of Oculus porn the adult industry is producing has also been spiking significantly.

Truth is that when it comes to virtual reality, 30 of the top 50 websites dealing with it offer adult content. In case you haven’t seen porn using VR headgear, you are in for a tremendous surprise. It is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. The female characters and their body parts will appear as if they are there for you to take them. Also, your mind will think it can basically reach out and touch them. That is how close the action looks and feels when watching free virtual reality porn. So what exactly are the best devices for looking at virtual reality porn?  Before you purchase one, be sure to check out some of the best on the market.

Google Cardboard – At only $15. this is by far the cheapest unit on the market today. For people who want to see what all the VR porn fuzz is about, this is a perfect choice. Some adult sites offer users a free pair of Google Cardboard VR headsets if they sign up. Keep in mind that since it is the most inexpensive, the unit has very little features. Other similar units around this price range are the Blitzwolf VR  and Homido V2 which cost about $24. You also have the Google Daydream which only costs about $44.

Samsung Gear VR – Ideal choice for anyone who already owns a Samsung phone. That means those who have an iPhone cannot view any content on this. Moreover, only smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, Note 5 and so on will work. At around only $99. it is a great device to let you see virtual reality porn videos without spending too much money. Plus, the 2017 edition comes with a handy remote.

Oculus Rift – Finding tons of Oculus porn online is easy since this particular headset is one of the best around. Still, you should be prepared to pay anywhere between $300 to $500 for an Oculus Rift. Unlike the other previously mentioned VR gear, you do not require a smartphone for this unit. Instead, you need a computer since there are more complicated tweaks to make. All it takes is plugging the Oculus to your laptop’s or computer’s USB and DVI ports. The extra price you pay can be noticed by how beautiful, immersive and real the 3D images are.

HTC Vive – Porn lovers willing to go an extra mile to enjoy their adult content will like the HTC Vive. This unit is one of the costliest though starting around $699. But the virtual reality experience is unparalleled. There are a ton of awesome features on these VR goggles. The characters on virtual reality porn videos will come alive in front of your eyes. Unlike other VR headsets, this unit has a front-facing camera. Pressing a button, will let you see what is going on in front of you. This is great since viewing VR porn requires privacy.

In addition to these units, there are several others available. Since the use of virtual reality is rising so much, be ready for newer models to hit the market. Keep in mind that the VR technology is still new and newer units will have more innovative features. No matter which VR headset you select, your porn viewing experience will never be the same.